On-screen keyboard X-Key is designed for entering text information with a touchscreen phone.

X-Key's button layout is close to the standart one , so it can be used right away, without the need of getting used to it. The keyboard can be positioned in portrait orientation (small buttons - for pressing with fingernails or stylus) and in landscape orientation (large buttons - for pressing with a finger).

Besides, the orientation of the keyboard can be switched on the fly with a special button. The keyboard is adapted to the small screen size - when a button is pressed its enlarged symbol appears in a pop-up window and the data input occurs only on release of the button. The keyboard is equipped with its own text editor for easy monitoring of the text input.

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Unlike a standard on-screen keyboard, X-Key does not block the application it is used with. All soft keys and controls continue to work (e.g. after entering an SMS it's not necessary to close the X-Key - you can just press the "Send" button ). Besides, the X-Key has a special button - holding it hides the X-Key and allows you to see what's underneath.

X-Key is a multilingual keyboard, it supports 75 language layouts (almost all possible languages). You can set up to four different layouts for quick change (such as English, Russian and Ukrainian).


Supported Smartphones

X-Key is designed for use in Sony Ericsson smartphone that is running the operating system Symbian UIQ 3.x:

X-Key is fully integrated into the system and works like a standard on-screen keyboard.


Limitations in the demo mode

There are certain limitations for the demo version - each time every button can be pressed only once. Entering the purchased registration code will remove this limitation.

X-Key Free has no limitations.


Install / Update / Remove

If you already have a previous version of X-Key (prior 1.00) - uninstall it. Registration code and configuration will be saved.

G700/G900: Menu - Settings - General - Text Input - On-screen keyboard -

P,M,W series: Menu - Tools - Control Panel - Device - Text Input -
On-screen keyboard- X-Key

To remove a program use standard uninstaller (Menu - Settings - General - Uninstall).


The latest version

Download XKey1.00(29).zip version 1.00(29)

Known Issues:


Free version

Free version does not support landscape orientation and also allows simultaneous use of two language layouts instead of four.

To use X-Key Free you should install the so-called installer mod. Read more...

Download XKeyFree0.99.zip version 0.99


X-Key StartTap

This little free program allows you to open your on-screen keyboard by tapping the special icon on the right side of the screen.

The icon appears only when you can use the on-screen keyboard.

The program can be run at boot.

If you already have a previous version of StartTap (prior 1.10) - uninstall it.

Download: XKeyStartTap1.10(18).zip

The main requirement - in your phone the text input mode should be set to handwriting recognition and multitap (default settings).

To access the settings - run the program again.



Registration code

Registration code removes limitations of the demonstration mode.

For some time now, the registration code can be obtained free of charge.

Enter the IMEI of your phone, e-mail and / or phone number.
If you have already purchased the code but you need it again, please enter your login information and click "Get the Code".


Phone number:


*IMEI code usualy consists of 15 digits.
You can see your IMEI on the X-Key Registration menu.
Be careful when entering!

Currency / Price:



How to enter the registration code

G700/G900: Menu - Settings - General - Text Input -On-screen keyboard-
X-Key - More - Setup

P,M,W series: Menu - Tools - Control Panel - Device - Text Input -
On-screen keyboard- X-Key - More - Setup