A theme file is a usual (not unicode) text file with the extension "xkt".
The colour theme files are located in the folder C:\Shared\XKey\themes (C:\Shared\XKeyFree\themes). All the themes in this folder with this extension become available in the X-Key setup dialog. Files can be easily edited on your PC or in your phone with any text editing program (even X-plore)

Example of a theme file:

Frame #d2942b

NormalKeyBackground #efdbb5
NormalKeyFont #44300d

FunKeyBackground #f7ebd6
FunKeyFont #44300d

PressedKeyBackground #e0b163
PressedKeyFont #ffffff

EditorBackground #f7ebd6
EditorFont #44300d

SelectionBackground #e0b163
SelectionFont #ffffff

Adjustable parameters:

In the file you need to type the title of the parameter and then the code of the color in the form #rrggbb (like in HTML or CSS) where rr is the amount of red in hexadecimal format (00..ff).

The titles are not case sensitive. Any spacers are allowed.

Possible formats:

The following form Frame, FunKeyFont = #ffffff is allowed as well.

You also may include in the text file any comments not coinciding with the parameter titles and not including the symbol #.